Used Bentley Offers

A 'Pre-Owned' Bentley is like no other car. Our Bentley dealerships in Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester and Edinburgh can offer you the confidence that each car has successfully come through the most exacting set of challenges and inspections to maintain the standards set when the car was originally built. Quite simply, a Bentley cannot just become 'Pre-Owned', it has to earn it. You will know the difference.

We will have fully validated your 'Pre-Owned' bentley's service history and checked it against the original build specification records to ensure authenticity. Only then, following a rigorous technical inspection can it carry a comprehensice and exclusive 12-month unlimited mileage warranty withBentley Roadside Assistance.

Your 'Pre-Owned' bentley ownership experience will include complimentary copies of the Bentley Owners magazine and you will recieve a personal invitation to discover how a Bentley is created at Crewe.

* Continental range, cars up to 10 years old / Arnage and others, cars up to 7 years old.