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D4 Bi-Turbo Product Information

The ALPINA driving experience is unique - perhaps best characterised by effortlessness and powerful confidence. The intelligent suspension and chassis set-up plays a pivotal role in the D4 Bi-Turbo by allowing high, perceptible comfort combined with outstanding driving dynamics and neutral handling. This is the oft-cited driving comfort ‘made by‘ ALPINA. The adaptive ALPINA sports suspension combines electronically adjustable dampers with springs, auxiliary springs and anti-roll bars. Independent of the active dampers continuously adapting to the current driving conditions, the driver can also noticeably adjust the suspension and overall driving dynamics towards a more comfort or sport orientated setup.


D4 Model Range


The BMW ALPINA D4 Bi-Turbo Coupé leads the way in the segment of sporty and luxurious two-door vehicles with diesel engines. It combines impressive power and torque with unrivalled driving culture and exceptional efficiency. The 3-litre six cylinder Bi-Turbo diesel engine is perfectly matched to the 8-speed sport automatic transmission and makes for impressive performance figures.


The introduction of a BMW ALPINA Convertible powered by a diesel engine represents a first in the history of ALPINA which goes back almost 50 years. Smooth power delivery, generous torque reserves and excellent refinement makes the powerful 3-litre six cylinder Bi-Turbo diesel engine ideally suited to the versatile BMW 4 Series Convertible with folding metal roof.