BMW Connected Drive

BMW ConnectedDrive keeps driver and vehicle connected with the outside world thorugh three core digital offerings, which are Digital Services, Driver Assistance Services and the BMW Connected app. They are designed to provide more comfort, more entertainment, more safety, and ultimately more driving pleasure. Discover the future of driving and your new digital life.


Wherever you are, whatever you need: BMW ConnectedDrive's Digital Services give you the best possible support before and during every journey. Offering you a wide range of useful features that are split into relevant cateogries – My Assistant, My Journey, My Car and My Life – they make your life easier and turn every journey into an experience.


You can rely on the Driver Assistance systems with each and every journey. They make your BMW even smarter and you'll enjoy enhanced safety, the best visibility by day or night, and even the experience of parking. With BMW ConnectedDrive at your side, you're in the safest possible hands.


The BMW Connected app is your digital mobility assistant, taking care of your needs before and during each journey. Access your car using your smartphone, smartwatch or Amazon Echo, send destinations to the navigation system or receive reminders for meetings to make sure you arrive there on time.

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