A collection of intuitive and intelligent features which provide greater convenience and efficient servicing processes.


BMW Teleservices offer a range of features that provide support when your BMW requires maintenance or servicing. For example, selecting ‘Mobile Care’ from within the ConnectedDrive menu provides direct contact to our BMW Roadside Assistance team who can help to diagnose the problem and send assistance accordingly.

When a service is due, your BMW can automatically send all relevant vehicle data to our Sytner BMW Service Centre who can then call you to arrange an appointment and notify you of any extra work that may be required.

(Available for the lifetime of the vehicle)

  • It works by using your vehicle’s own in-built SIM card so no mobile phone required
  • Helps to streamline the servicing process to ensure your BMW is off the road for as little time as possible
  • Peace of mind that you can directly contact Roadside Assistance from the vehicle

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If you are not yet signed up to Teleservices which allows us to see when your BMW is due a service or MOT, then print the form below, sign and scan or send a photo of it to us to

Teleservices Form

Automatic BMW Teleservice Call.

With the Automatic Service Call, your BMW will relay service and maintenance related data to BMW.  We will then contact you to make suitable arrangements for your vehicle to be booked in with your preferred Sytner BMW Centre, where any required parts can be pre-ordered.​

BMW Teleservice Breakdown Call.

Similarly, with the TeleService Breakdown Call, should you ever require technical assistance, you can transmit data relating to the condition of your BMW directly to our Roadside Assistance team at the touch of a button so that they can diagnose the problem and send immediate assistance accordingly

BMW Teleservice Battery Guard.

Once configured in the ConnectedDrive portal, TeleService Battery Guard enables your BMW to notify you by text message should the charge of your vehicle battery drop to an alarmingly critically low level due to any electrical components being left on such as your parking or side lights

BMW Teleservice Update.

TeleService Update allows you to conveniently download software updates for your Bluetooth and multimedia system ensuring it is kept up to date to support the latest mobile phones and media players.