BMW Wheels and Tyres

The wheels and car tyres your BMW runs on can be the difference between a dynamic, powerful and safe driving experience and one that isn’t. There are also a lot of things to consider – do your tyres have the EU tyre label? Are your car tyres fit for the winter weather? Do you need run flat tyres? We are here to help.

BMW Light Alloy Wheels and Tyres

The best combination of driving pleasure and safety.

The Genuine BMW Light Alloy Wheels and Tyres. Even more dynamic, even more elegant - the styling has a particularly striking impact on the overall appearance of a vehicle.

Tyres with the BMW star marking are specially developed and tested by BMW in collaboration with leading Tyre manufacturers. For this reason they have specific design features and benefits that are very different from those offered by independent Tyre retailers, even though the products might look similar or bear identical type designations.

We stock a wide range of BMW Approved Tyres with same-day access to further stock with 3 deliveries per day and all maintenance work is carried out by BMW Trained Technicians following strict BMW procedures and only using Genuine BMW Parts at all of our Sytner BMW Centres.

Winter Tyres

Seasons change. Driving pleasure remains the same.

When the temperature dips to 7°C and below, standard tyres harden and no longer provide optimum adhesion, compromising performance when accelerating, braking and cornering. Switching to BMW Winter Tyres for the colder months not only increases safety in risky conditions, but since they wear more slowly than standard Tyres in low temperatures they last longer and provide cost-effective winter motoring, as well as year-round driving pleasure.

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BMW M Performance Wheels

Wheels make all of the difference; even to the distinguishable character of a BMW M Performance vehicle. Exclusive Performance light-alloy wheels available with the iconic M badge are available and with detail such as wheel bolt locks you can keep the sportiness of your vehicle right down to the very last detail. Find out more from your local BMW Centre.

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Tyre Safety

When did you last check the Tyres on your vehicle? Research shows that most tyres are either under inflated or worn below the legal limit of 1.6mm*. Ideally, you should check your Tyres every two weeks or before a long journey. If you would prefer, we can assist you with a tyre health check and advise the correct BMW approved Tyre for your vehicle should it need to be replaced. We can offer a comprehensive replacement package including the environmentally friendly disposal of the old Tyre, all at a very competitive price.

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BMW Fixed Hub Caps

The BMW floating hub cap consists of the BMW logo that no longer turns with the wheel but instead remains level. The hub cap can be mounted to all BMW light alloy wheels with a pitch circle diameter of 112 mm.

Benefits of the BMW floating hub cap at a glance:

  • Fixed hub cap with BMW logo
  • BMW logo no longer turns with the wheel but instead remains level
  • Fits all BMW light alloy wheels with a pitch circle diameter of 112 mm
  • Diameter of BMW logo: 56 mm
  • Includes: set of four floating hub caps

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Star Marked Tyres & BMW Run-Flats

Designed in collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers, BMW Star Marked tyres provide a smooth drive, optimum grip and safety specifically for your BMW model.

With BMW approved Star Marked run-flat tyres you can keep driving even when you have a puncture. The Tyre Pressure Monitoring device that is installed on your BMW lets you know if your car tyres are punctured, and instead of stopping allows you to drive for up to 50 miles at 50mph. Never miss an appointment, don’t worry about a spare wheel and reduce the risk of an accident with sudden loss of tyre pressure.

Why Should I Look at EU Tyre Labels?

Since 1 November 2012, all tyres sold within the EU are labelled to denote compliance with EU standards. You should pay extra care when purchasing car tyres as the EU Tyre Label will help to make the comparison between various makes easier to understand.

For more information on whether your tyres are in compliance with the EU Tyre Label requirements, contact your local BMW Centre.

FUEL EFFICIENCY -‘A’ is the highest performance tyre and ‘G’ is the least performing. The higher the performance means the less the rolling resistance, less fuel is consumed and there are lower Co2 emissions.

WET GRIP - An ‘A’ classification means your tyres have the highest wet grip performance. ‘G’ indicates a lower wet grip performance. The better the wet grip, the shorter the braking distance.

NOISE EMISSIONS -The tyre label specifies the level of external rolling noise in decibels and as one, two or three sound waves. One black wave on the label indicates the highest noise level performance and that it is within the legal limit.