ALPINA Register Day 30th April

Sunday 30th April saw Sytner Nottingham BMW – the founding Dealership of Sytner Group and also the home of ALPINA cars in Great Britain host the National ALPINA Owners Club annual event.

An incredible turnout of over 100 BMW ALPINAs, covering almost the entire history of ALPINA models produced, were in attendance to join in the festivities.

Owners were treated to food and refreshments, a fun product quiz with great prizes on offer and competitions for such things as ‘the oldest ALPINA at the meeting’ – 1984; ‘the ALPINA that had travelled furthest to the show’ - from Luxembourg; and the highest mileage ALPINA at the show (270,000 miles).

The Manufacturer sent Andreas Schneider (UK and Switzerland Sales Manager) over from the factory in Buchloe, Germany who gave an award for his favourite ALPINA at the show and also chaired a ‘Q&A’ session, which was very well received by the avid audience.

All in all, a terrific day spent in the company of the many passionate owners and enthusiasts of this wonderful and historic Brand.