Sytner Group recruit over 200 Apprentices and 150 Graduate calibre people every year. During your training we will provide you with industry leading mentoring support and feedback to ensure your career is on the right track.

I would like to invite you to read the first quarterly newsletter of 2018 which aims to welcome and keep all our Apprentices/Trainees in the BMW/MINI Division updated to ensure we have high calibre talent ready to start a fantastic career.

I hope the following articles are of interest and I would like to wish you all a successful 2018.

Driving Interest in Apprentices.

In November, BMW hosted a stand at the UK skills show at the NEC in Birmingham.

The UK Skills show is the largest careers event in the UK, attracting over 80,000 visitors per year, and is a brilliant opportunity to learn about the different career choices that are available to them.

The stand was hosted by David, Lana and Lindsey from BMW UK and Lauren Hurley, former Aftersales Customer Service Apprentice from Sytner Cardiff and Candice Davis, Light Vehicle Technician Apprentice from Sytner Coventry.

BMW’s objective at this year’s skill show was to promote the BMW brand and to create presence, as well as provide information to interested candidates on the BMW retailer Network Apprentice Programmes. 

Well done to Lauren and Candice for their help as the stand went down very well and they helped to generate lots of interest in the brand and apprenticeship programmes.

Plant Oxford the New Home for Technician Assessments.

On the 20th Novemeber the Technical training team began the process of carrying out Technical assessments running out of Plant Oxford.

At the home of MINI, our BMW Group technician candidates have had a unique opportunity to work in the Plant Oxford’s secure QEC workshop. The movement of the assessments to Plant Oxford will provide increased available workspace at Wokefiled Park for all areas of training next year.

 Toby Diggins wins IMI Outstanding Award.

It’s time to congratulate one of our recently graduated apprentices. Toby Diggins, a BMW Paint and Body apprentice from Sytner Solihull, has been awarded IMI Oustanding Achiever in Paint Award!

The industry’s professional body hosted its annual awards ceremony on Tuesday 17th October at its Headquarters in Hertfordshire, where the finalists from across the UK celebrated their success. It was only in May of last year that Toby was also awarded with Paint technician of the year and the overall Automotive Apprentice of the Year by Babcock.

What a great year for Toby, BMW and Sytner are extremely proud of his achievements.


Drew Nettleship Apprentice Bodyshop - Sheffield

Francesca De Cozar Trainee Sales - High Wycombe

Jairo Pena Trainee Technician - High Wycombe

David Saunders Apprentice Technician - High Wycombe

Mohammed Arif Apprentice Technician - High Wycombe

Oliver Damms Apprentice Bodyshop - Oldbury

Lewis Gregory Apprentice Bodyshop - Cardiff

Thomas Selby Apprentice Technician - Cardiff

Warobi Njogu Apprentice Technician - Cardiff

Declan King - Apprentice Technician - Nottingham

Jack Kerr - Apprentice Parts - Nottingham

Joe Keeling - Apprentice - Technician - Nottingham

Jamie Moseley - Apprentice - Technician - Chigwell

Daniel McCree - Apprentice - Technician - Harold Wood

Daniel Broadwell - Apprentice Technician - Newport


Josh Eyon - Apprentice Technician - Swansea

Daniel Howell - Apprentice Technician - Oldbury

Mark Wildridge - Apprentice Technician - Maidenhead

Anastasia Date - Trainee Service - High Wycombe

Robert Trice -Trainee Service - High Wycombe

Bradley Morris - Trainee Service - Tamworth

Bradley Rowlands -Trainee Service - Tamworth

Catrin Haines Davies -Trainee Service - Cardiff

Jay Bryers - Trainee Service - Leicester

Danielle Usher - Trainee Service - Leicester


As an employer we have a duty of care to safeguard our apprentices / trainees. This means we must always act in their best interests and ensure we take all reasonable steps to prevent harm to them and protect and promote their welfare.

It is our goal to develop and maintain a culture in which harassment and bullying are unacceptable. All individuals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Should you wish to discuss any concerns you may have but are unsure of the steps to take, please discuss with your line manager, HR or myself. Feel free to contact me confidentially at nikkiwoodford@sytner.co.uk or call me directly on 07720 078718. 

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Nikki Woodford

Divisional Business Development Manager