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It’s that time of year again when everyone is getting the mince pies and chocolates out and the year is coming to an end. I would I like to invite you to read the final Apprentice/Trainee newsletter of 2018 which aims to welcome and keep all our Apprentices/Trainees in the BMW/MINI Division updated.  

This has been a record year for recruitment; in the BMW/MINI division alone, we have recruited 105 Apprentices/Trainees. I hope the following articles are of interest and I would like to wish you all a successful 2019.

Another record this year, Sytner have recruited and welcomed 20 new Product Genius trainees into our sites. The Genus trainee programme encompasses a wide variety of aspects, ranging from key product information to customer service skills and the ability to interact with customers in line with BMW Group standards.

We look forward to seeing our first Genius cohort graduate from The Academy in the summer of 2019.

Please join me in congratulating the following Sytner Apprentice 2018 Awards Winners

  • BMW Service Apprentice Outstanding Achiever -
  • Ryan Chapman from Sytner Solihull

  • BMW Most Improved Apprentice of the Year -
  • Charlie Beaumont from Sytner Chigwell

  • BMW Bodyshop Apprentice Outstanding Achiever -
  • Connor Byott from Sytner Harold Wood

    Could it be you?

    Every year the graduating apprentices have the opportunity to win an all-expenses paid trip to Munich.

    Apprentice Award Winners 2018 Trip to Munich

    On Monday 10th September the Apprentice Winners, from The Academy Awards Day, met at London Heathrow for their flight to Munich. 

    The group got to experience the German culture throughout the trip, including a dinner at the famous Hofbrauhaus which is a traditional “Beer House” built almost 500 years ago. 

    Activities involved visiting the BMW Museum which demonstrated a fascinating presentation of the company, group and product history of BMW.  Founded in 1973, the BMW Museum is one of the first ever brand museums and embodies the brand experience in Munich along with the BMW group Plant and BMW Welt.

    New starters from June 2018.

    Sytner Birmingham Service Advisor Trainee Suneel Bhutta
    Sytner Birmingham Sales Genius Alex Lam
    Sytner Birmingham Sales Genius Molly Rogers
    Sytner Cardiff Service Advisor Trainee Laura McGiffen
    Sytner Cardiff Service Advisor Trainee Connor Evans
    Sytner Cardiff Sales Genius Emma Agiriou
    Sytner Cardiff Light Vehicle Technician Ryan Marinos
    Sytner Cardiff Light Vehicle Technician Thomas Dyball
    Sytner Cardiff Light Vehicle Technician Kyle Knight
    Sytner Chigwell Bodyshop Apprentice Atlanta Tarling
    Sytner Chigwell Service Advisor Trainee Amy Clark
    Sytner Chigwell Sales Genius Dayna Ferrier
    Sytner Coventry Parts Trainee Kyle Gorman
    Sytner Coventry Bodyshop Apprentice Maxwell Sheffield
    Sytner Harold Wood Service Advisor Trainee Ross Weinrabe
    Sytner Harold Wood Service Advisor Trainee Demi-Martine Maddon
    Sytner Harold Wood Sales Genius Harvey Page
    Sytner Harold Wood Light Vehicle Technician John Mills
    Sytner Harold Wood Light Vehicle Technician Chloe Hardy
    Sytner High Wycombe Bodyshop Apprentice Thomas Riley
    Sytner High Wycombe Service Advisor Trainee Shannon Winfield
    Sytner High Wycombe Light Vehicle Technician Ollie Tindal
    Sytner High Wycombe Light Vehicle Technician Harry Holmes
    Sytner High Wycombe Trainee Bodyshop Advisor Kate Restell
    Sytner Leicester Light Vehicle Technician Jonathan Green
    Sytner Leicester Service Advisor Trainee Bryony Burndred
    Sytner Leicester Sales Genius Olivia Tiger Wright
    Sytner Leicester Parts Trainee Arun Bhalla
    Sytner Maidenhead Service Advisor Trainee Daniel Knight
    Sytner Maidenhead Sales Genius Karan Saini
    Sytner Newport Service Advisor Trainee Paul Hardy
    Sytner Newport Sales Genius Sabeel Zaffar

    Sytner NottinghamService Advisor TraineeJames Young
    Sytner NottinghamSales GeniusJamaal Mazir
    Sytner Oldbury Light Vehicle TechnicianJake Wade
    Sytner Oldbury Light Vehicle TechnicianPhilip Davis
    Sytner Oldbury Service Advisor TraineeTyler Grainger
    Sytner Oldbury Sales GeniusChris Cutler
    Sytner Oldbury Sales GeniusReece Wheeler
    Sytner Sheffield BMWLight Vehicle TechnicianThomas Haddock
    Sytner Sheffield BMWLight Vehicle TechnicianCaleb Weldon
    Sytner Sheffield BMWLight Vehicle TechnicianTravis Smith
    Sytner Sheffield BMWService Advisor TraineeRueben Foobulan
    Sytner Sheffield BMWSales GeniusTom Gough
    Sytner Sheffield BMWSales GeniusMaddi Welsh
    Sytner Slough MINIPaintKasim Hussain
    Sytner SolihullService Advisor Trainee Lily Hancock
    Sytner SolihullLight Vehicle TechnicianJack Jones
    Sytner SolihullBodyshop ApprenticeHebie Hazard
    Sytner SolihullSales GeniusJordan Smith
    Sytner SolihullSales GeniusCathrine Thompson
    Sytner SunningdaleSales GeniusJames Culley
    Sytner SwanseaService Advisor TraineeSimon Evans
    Sytner SwanseaSales GeniusHarriet Jones
    Sytner SwanseaSales GeniusKirra-Leigh Williams
    Sytner TamworthSales Genius HannahSwarbrick
    Sytner TamworthLight Vehicle TechnicianDaniel Broadhurst
    Sytner TamworthLight Vehicle TechnicianRhys Robinson
    Sytner TamworthService Advisor TraineeEmily Weaver
    Sytner TamworthSales GeniusAntonia Matthews
    Sytner TamworthLight Vehicle TechnicianSam Dix
    Sytner TamworthTrainee Bodyshop AdvisorPhilippa Slater
    Sytner Tamworth MINIService Advisor TraineeJoshua Putnam


    It is our goal to develop and maintain a culture in which harassment and bullying are unacceptable. All individuals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

    Should you wish to discuss any concerns you may have but are unsure of the steps to take, please discuss with your line manager or myself. Feel free to contact me confidentially at nikkiwoodford@sytner.co.uk or call me directly on 07720 078718.


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    Graduates from June 2018

    Sytner ChigwellApprentice - Service AdvisorKimberly Rodriguez
    Sytner ChigwellAftersales Customer Service PartsReggie Witham
    Sytner CoventryApprentice - TechnicianDaniel Bradley-Evans
    Sytner CoventryBodyshop - Paint TechnicianBen Hiscock
    Sytner Harold WoodApprentice - TechnicianTimothy Olla
    Sytner HaverfordwestApprentice - TechnicianSteffan Williams
    Sytner HaverfordwestApprentice - Service AdvisorDannielle Howard
    Sytner High WycombeApprentice - TechnicianArun Amar
    Sytner High WycombeApprentice - TechnicianLaurence Yuson
    Sytner High WycombeApprentice - TechnicianSaffron Steele
    Sytner High WycombeApprentice - TechnicianDaniel Prior
    Sytner LeicesterApprentice - TechnicianMorgan Abley

    Sytner LeicesterApprentice - TechnicianJoshua Pengelly
    Sytner LeicesterBodyshop - Paint TechnicianCharlie Derry
    Sytner NewportApprentice - TechnicianStephen Austwick
    Sytner NottinghamApprentice - TechnicianPierce Cooke
    Sytner NottinghamApprentice - TechnicianArmani Mckenzie
    Sytner SheffieldApprentice - TechnicianBen Hamilton
    Sytner SheffieldBodyshop - Paint TechnicianJake Foster
    Sytner Sheffield MINIBodyshop - Paint TechnicianAlex Johnson
    Sytner SolihullBodyshop - Paint TechnicianThomas Gamon
    Sytner TamworthApprentice - TechnicianJack Freeman
    Sytner TamworthAftersales Customer Service PartsDaniel Hollands
    Sytner TamworthBodyshop - Paint TechnicianMichael Walker


    Please email me at nikkiwoodford@sytner.co.uk to share any news, awards and achievements we can celebrate.

    If you have any suggestions to how we can approach our newsletter for 2019, please feel free to share this with me.

    Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


    Nikki Woodford

    Divisional Business Development Manager