With a mutual belief in the natural and the sustainable, BMW i is the exclusive automotive partner for the National Trust. Together, we want to help make greener travel options more widespread.

Across the UK, BMW i and the National Trust have celebrated their on-going partnership through a series of free summer workshops called ‘Create with Nature’. Available at some of the most popular National Trust destinations, the pop-up events featured two different activations – the Terrarium workshop and the Carbon printing workshop.

The aim of these workshops was to educate visitors about the importance of the environment and recycling, while also showcasing the BMW i range, specifically the BMW i3, and its various eco-friendly features, “I’m surprised by the specs, very impressive.”

Terrarium workshop: “Great activity for the kids to get them involved in nature.”
Visitors had the opportunity to take a closer look at the exotic world of succulent plants by creating a decorative glass terrarium to take home. The plants in the terrarium will need very few resources to thrive, much like the BMW i3’s ECO PRO mode, which reduces the car’s energy consumption and increases its range.

Carbon printing workshop: “What a therapeutic activity.”
Using the naturally beautiful rings of a local sustainably felled tree, participants were able to create a striking carbon print. This was paying tribute to the principles of reuse and recycling. What’s more, like the rings showing the life of a tree, the life cycle of the BMW i3 is structured around circular resource conservation, which makes the car 85% recyclable.

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