BMW Accessories

Make your car even more outstanding with our latest BMW Accessories. Our products of the month are:

Ipad Holders

As part of the travel and comfort range, the BMW iPad holder, fixes your iPad in place providing back seat entertainment for passengers.

Roof Box

In need of any extra storage? The BMW range of roof boxes are perfect for weekends way and long trips. Thanks to the innovative double-sided opening system and triple central locking on both sides,

Wireless Phone Charging

Ever find yourself running low on battery, in the car when you haven't got your charge? With wireless phone charging available i n certain model BMW's, never be left without charge again.

Child Seats

Have peace of mind for every journey with the BMW Car Seat range,providing extra comfort and security for your child. Available in different sizes, including Baby Seats for 0-1 years, Junior Seats for 1-2 and 2-3 years.

Advanced Car Eye

The BMW Advanced Car Eye is a highly sensitive full-HD camera that watches over events around the car, even at night. If the vehicle is shaken, the camera automatically records the situation in order to document possible accidents or (attempted) break-ins.

Benefits of the BMW Advanced Car Eye at a glance:

  • automatically records situations around the car – even when the vehicle is parked
  • light-perceiving sensors for detailed recordings day and night
  • GPS receiver precisely records route
  • simple operation

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