Genuine BMW Accessory Packs

Whether you're heading off the beaten track or simply want to give your BMW an even sportier edge, our BMW Accessories packs give you the freedom to tailor your car to your requirements. Featuring contents offered at a reduced price compared to purchasing individually, we have plenty of expertly crafted Genuine BMW Accessories packs. Genuine BMW Accessories packs will help you to customise your BMW to suit your needs and lifestyle.

  • Outdoor Adventure Pack - All-weather Floor Mats (front & rear) and Luggage Compartment Mat.
  • Sport & Leisure Pack - Roof Bars and two Touring Cycle Carriers.
  • Travel Pack 320 - Roof Bars and Roof Box 320 (Black).
  • Travel Pack 420 - Roof Bars and Roof Box 420 (Black).


Have peace of mind with the additional security of the new BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0. The enhanced high quality full HD wide – angled camera now records for up to 24 hours in park mode and works in conjunction with your Apple or Android device. It also come with a 32GB SD card enabling multiple videos to be recorded. The BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 is activated automatically by movements and vibrations and records relevant situations.

Benefits of the BMW Advanced Car Eye at a glance:

  • A video is automatically recorded when the car has been parked and vibrations or relevant movements or impacts are detected in the video image.
  • Various sensors on the light-sensitive camera, as well as excellent signal processing mean that the camera is capable of recording superb images during the day and at night.
  • The highly sensitive GPS receiver enables precise recording of the road and speed.
  • The G sensor reliably detects impacts. Ambient movements are detected and analysed by radar technology.
  • Easy to use and attach

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BMW's full HD camera.

Captures footage automatically.

Advanced sensors record day and night.

Operates for 24 hours while parked.

Other individual genuine BMW Accessories are available to order through your local Sytner BMW retailer or on the online store.

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