ALPINA Car of the Month.

One of one in the UK – a truly unique 608hp, 205mph ALPINA B7

Sytner Nottingham are delighted to host this truly remarkable ALPINA B7 in trademark ALPINA Blue with a timeless Canberra Beige interior.

This is the only current-generation ALPINA B7 ever registered in the UK, available in as-new condition with fewer than 1,500 miles. Beyond the usual 7 Series refinements, the spec list includes:

  • 150S ALPINA CLASSIC 21” forged alloy wheels – 15kgs lighter than the standard ALPINA wheels
  • XEZ ALPINA Piano Black interior trim with silver etched ALPINA roundel
  • 5AT Driving Assistant Plus including Active Cruise Control
  • 760 High Gloss Shadowline exterior trim
  • 775 Anthracite headlining
  • 4HC Heat and Comfort Package, Front and Rear giving heated seats and armrests
  • 319 Universal Remote Control for automatically opening garage doors and gates
  • 688 Harman Kardon audio system – 16 speakers and 600W
  • 402 Panoramic Glass Sunroof
  • 420 Sun Protection Glass
  • 5DL Surround View

Original list price was £126,980.

ALPINA’s 70-strong engineering team have redeveloped the 4.4-litre V8 to produce 608hp and an effortless 800nm of torque by replacing the standard turbocharges with two unique twin-scroll turbines located between the cylinder bank to almost eliminate lag. A shorter, optimised intake system sharpens throttle response while a new air-water-air intercooler system and two additional radiators ensures the engine remains comfortably within thermal limits, even when cruising above 200mph for a tank of fuel at a time.

This power is reined in by potent brakes using an ALPINA-specific pad compound, while ALPINA have recalibrated the air suspension system with electro-mechanical anti-roll bars to be more compliant than a regular 7 in the Comfort+ setting, while boasting the body control of a sports car in the Sport+ setting. ALPINA also recalibrated the traction control system for swifter, more fluid progress, while the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres are both sticker and more compliant than standard 7 Series rubber.

Particular attention has also been paid to weight reduction; the A-, B- and C-pillars, the transmission tunnel and the windscreen header are all made from carbon fibre composite while the forged 21” alloy wheels saving 15kgs compared to the standard alloy wheels. The agility this endows the car with is further enhanced by a rear-wheel steering system that reduces the turning circle at low speeds and turns with the front wheels at high speed to aid stability and fluidity of motion.

This is one of the most thoroughly engineered cars on sale today and being the only car of its type in the UK guarantees the discerning owner a level of exclusivity rarely seen since the days of coach building.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact Gary Lott on 0115 934 1414.