Why Go Electric?

Going electric doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy a car that is powered solely by electricity; you also have various types of hybrid cars that you can choose from. Unlike all-electric vehicles, hybrid cars team an electric power unit and battery with a traditional combustion engine to offer lower emissions and additional performance.

What are the Benefits of Going Electric?

From saving you money to saving the environment, there are a range of benefits when it comes to making the switch to a hybrid or electric vehicle. Learn more about four of the most common benefits - Environment, Economy, Performance and Connectivity - below:


Due to some – if not all – power coming from an electric motor, electric and hybrid cars are capable of releasing far fewer emissions than fossil fuel powered cars.

Fully electric cars do not utilise any form of fossil fuel burning engine, meaning that they create zero emissions whilst driving around. The complete lack of CO2 emissions makes electric cars one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to get around.

Where electric cars release zero emissions all of the time, hybrid cars will rely almost solely on their electric power at low speeds and on long motorway journeys. This not only means reduced emissions for the planet but also reduced fuel usage and less time spent at the pump!

Running Costs

Due to the reduced reliance on fossil fuels in hybrid cars, they typically require less fuel less often and allow you to save money trips to the petrol pump. 

Fully electric cars can be charged at home and (depending on your tariff) can cost anywhere between £2.50 and £5.00 for an overnight charge. That means that six charges a month (around 600 miles of range – depending on the car) could cost you just £30!

Thanks to the environmental gains of hybrid and electric cars, they also currently benefit from reduced Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and lower Benefit-in-Kind tax rates for company car users.


Contrary to belief, electric and hybrid cars can offer performance benefits as well as all the economical ones. Unlike traditionally powered vehicles, electric and hybrid vehicles are capable of delivering high levels of torque instantly. 

The removal of any anticipation means that electric and hybrid cars accelerate faster and are more exciting to drive at real world speeds.

As well as the power benefits, many also offer increased handling ability thanks to clever ways of using electric motors. One such method is to individually power and brake each wheel by using a dedicated electric motor on each; the result is improved levels of traction and cornering ability.


The futuristic nature of electric and hybrid vehicles means that they often feature all of the latest and upcoming technologies before traditional vehicles. This means that they tend to be more connected with the world around them, a trait that ultimately makes them integrate with your life almost seamlessly.

One example of this technology comes in the form of mobile phone applications; most hybrid and electric vehicles now offer apps that give you total control over climate control, satellite navigation, battery level and location whilst you aren’t even near the vehicle.