Ferrari Service and MOT

Maintaining your Ferrari to the highest standards

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It's important to make sure that your Ferrari is maintained and serviced by the very best.

Our experienced Service Advisors and Technicians are fully manufacturer trained, to ensure that your Ferrari is maintained to the highest standard, in accordance with Ferrari SpA's guidelines.

All servicing and repair work is carried out using Ferrari Genuine Parts. Each individual component is designed and manufactured to the original specification, to work in conjunction with and not affect other operating systems in the car.

Whilst there may be cheaper alternatives available, complex testing procedures coupled with the use of the best material ensures that safety and reliability are never compromised.

The Ferrari Genuine program offers a vast range of kits, components and accessories specifically designed and manufactured for Ferrari vehicles.

Whilst you're with us, you can relax in our lounge area which benefits from high-speed wireless internet and you can enjoy Sky television, newspapers, magazines, hot drinks and an ever-changing range of delicious snacks.

Ferrari Servicing


If your car is covered by the Ferrari Service Plan, we'll endeavour to take care for it for you. All models delivered after 15th March 2011 are covered by this complimentary programme, which includes all of your Ferrari's scheduled maintenance for the first seven years of the vehicle's life, regardless of mileage. This covers all standard maintenance items including labour, filters, engine oil and brake fluid.

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If your car is not covered by the Service Plan, our technicians and aftersales team will make sure that your Ferrari is serviced using Ferrari Genuine parts, offering you total peace of mind.


If your Ferrari is more than 3 years old, it will require an annual MOT test certificate to ensure that is is in roadworthy condition, as required by law. The MOT test checks for safety-critical items to make sure that they meet all minimum legal requirements.

Whilst your Ferrari is with us for an MOT, it will undergo a thorough check, recording any mechanical issues. If any remedial work is required, we will inform you of the work and provide visual evidence if you're not with us. Once we've gained your permission to carry out any work we recommend, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your car is in good hands.

Why use us

When you choose one of our four Ferrari dealers (based in Birmingham, Egham, Edinburgh, and Nottingham) you can relax safe in the knowledge that your car is being maintained by highly skilled professional technicians who are trained to Ferrari SpA standards. We use the latest equipment and technology to ensure that your car gets the best possible treatment whilst it's with us.

Keeping you in the loop

We understand that owning a Ferrari is a special experience, and we know how important it is to make sure that our customers understand what work is being undertaken. When your car is with us, you will receive a personalised video of your car, showing exactly what work is being carried out and visually notifying you of any problems with your vehicle.

Courtesy cars

To keep you mobile, we operate a fleet of the latest Maserati vehicles as courtesy cars so that you can carry on with your day whilst we care for your Ferrari.

Collection & delivery

It can be hard to take time out of your busy schedule to bring your car to us for maintenance. To make things as convenient as possible for you, we can arrange to collect your Ferrari and deliver it back to you* after the work is complete.

Relax in comfort

All of our showrooms offer a state-of-the-art lounge area with WiFi, Sky television, newspapers, magazines hot & cold drinks and a range of snacks so that you can relax whilst we take care of your car.

*Collection & Delivery service is available to all Ferrari aftersales customers at an additional charge. Please enquire for more information.