Ferrari clients were invited to a very special driving programme behind the wheel of the exciting 488 GTB to enjoy the unique pleasure of driving this innovative and award winning car on the thrilling Thruxton Racing Circuit.

They were able to experience the handling and versatility of the 488 GTB both on track at Thruxton Racing Circuit as well as the local surrounding roads.

About the Ferrari 488GTB

Forty years on from the unveiling of its first ever mid-rear-engined V8 model, the 308 GTB, the Prancing Horse opened a new chapter in its 8-cylinder history.

The Ferrari 488 GTB provides track-level performance that can be enjoyed to the full even by non-professional drivers in everyday use. Its response times, nimbleness and on-the-limit driving guarantee a unique sense of exhilaration and unparalleled driving pleasure. This new berlinetta brilliantly encapsulates Ferrari’s experience in both F1 and the World Endurance Championship, where the 458 GT holds the World Championship title and has won its category in the last two editions of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The new V8 turbo is at the top of its class for power output, torque and response times, making it the new benchmark for this kind of architecture. The engine unleashes 670 CV at 8,000 rpm along with 760 Nm of maximum torque in seventh gear. These figures allow the car to accelerate from 0-62 mph in an astonishing 3.0 seconds and lap the Fiorano track in just 1’23”.


Designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre, the new car features sculptural flanks which are the key to its character. Its large signature air intake scallop is a nod to the original 308 GTB and is divided into two sections by a splitter. The broad, low tail is also dominated by aerodynamic solutions, including an innovative blown spoiler which generates downforce without increasing drag. This works in conjunction with an aggressive ramp angle for the diffuser which features active flaps. In the cabin, the seamless integration of the new satellite control clusters, angled air vents and instrument panel heightens

the sense that the cockpit is completely tailored around the driver. Usability was the key word in the design, leading to an extremely sporty ambience that in no way compromises on comfort. There are plenty of classic Ferrari styling elements too, such as the clear separation between the dashboard and tunnel, the multifunctional steering wheel, the control switch bridge and wraparound seats. The graphics and interface of the infotainment screen have also been completely redesigned while the design of the car’s new key takes its inspiration from the car’s cylinder banks and allows keyless starts.

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