Silent Auction in aid for The Mat Davis Foundation

Graypaul Birmingham have recently undergone a substantial showroom update. As a result, we held a Silent Auction to auction some pretty unique Ferrari and Maserati pictures which once graced our showroom walls in aid of a charity close to our hearts ‘The Mat Davis Foundation’.

Mat’s Story:

In 2012 the Mat Davis Foundation was formed in memory of an incredibly brave and remarkable young man 'Mat Davis'. Mat battled with a cancer in the form of a brain tumour from the tender age of 21 when he was first diagnosed to the age of 23 when he sadly lost his battle against this terrible disease.

It was Mat's wish for help and support to others in his name so that his legacy could carry on and that's exactly what the foundation has done.The Mat Davis Foundation relieves the needs of young adults from the age of 18-25 and their relatives and dependants, who have been diagnosed with a cancer related illness in Warwickshire and surrounding areas, by the provision of support, counselling and financial assistance.

The charity is a cause close to our hearts at Graypaul Birmingham, known personally by our Head of Business, Stuart Hood, Mat touched us all with his sheer determination to fight in the face of adversity. Following his diagnosis, Mat took on numerous fundraising challenges of his own, one in particular that sadly overcome him, inspiring us to carry on his name with our own fundraising efforts.

As a result of the Silent Auction, Graypaul Birmingham helped to raise £3280.00.

Whilst the auction came to an end The Mat Davis Foundation stated 'We would like to thank Graypaul Birmingham for their continued support and with their help we are able to help others less fortunate. Thank you so much'.

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