Leather and Trim refurbishments for your Ferrari

From £99 including VAT

Most leather car interiors will suffer some degree of damage or wear over the years. Drivers seats are particularly prone to premature wearing on the side bolsters due to the constant rubbing effect caused by simply getting in and out of the car.

Other common problems we encounter are colour transfer often found on light coloured leathers from denim jeans - a blue cast is often noticeable on the leather and can't be removed by normal cleaning, along with scratches caused by clothing buttons and studs.

Any of these problems can be solved at a fraction of the cost of re-trimming by one of our Sytner Ferrari dealerships where our Technicians work closely with the coach trimming team at Ferrari in Italy, using natural products and gentle processes to ensure your car's leather is restored to showroom quality.

We can repair your leather or trim damage while your Ferrari is in for a service or as a separate appointment should that be more convenient, simply contact your preferred Ferrari dealer and they will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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