Jaguar Bodyshop and Cosmetic Repairs

At Guy Salmon, we know how upsetting it is when your vehicle is damaged. That is why our Jaguar Approved Bodyshops provide a range of services using modern repair methods to return your Jaguar to showroom condition.

Our Guarantee

When you take your vehicle to be repaired at a Jaguar Approved bodyshop, it will be repaired to our exacting standard with Genuine Parts, Jaguar methodology and fully trained staff.

We can carry out all repairs - from small, minor ones to large structural realignment work. And everything we do is backed by a Jaguar guarantee certificate that's issued when repairs are completed.

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Highly Trained Technicians​

We make sure that our technicians are trained to know Jaguar better than anyone else. We constantly check their competence with new and old vehicles and we promise that your vehicle will always be repaired by experts.

Genuine Parts

To make sure your vehicle is as capable and refined as it was before the accident happened, we only ever use Genuine Parts.

Aluminium Specialists

As world leaders in aluminium body construction for vehicles, we are best placed to repair your Jaguar's aluminium parts and bodyparts to the highest standards. High-strength, lightweight and extremely stiff, aluminium considerably reduces the vehicle's environmental impact over its lifecycle.

Jaguar SMART Repair

SMART repair (Small, Medium Area Repair Technology) is a way of carrying out cosmetic repairs developed to offer a fast and cost effective service. Repairs are localised to the affected area only, so they take much less time to repair and they are generally less expensive too.

We offer a Jaguar SMART repair service at Guy Salmon retailers. Repairs covered include:

Alloy wheels

Small scuffs to your Land Rover's alloy wheels can often be repaired.

Dent removal

Small dents to your Land Rover's bodywork can be easily repaired.

Scratch repair

Small scratches and stonechips on your Jaguar can be repaired using advanced technology and paint application.

Major Repairs

In the unfortunate event of an accident to your vehicle, our Jaguar Approved Bodyshops will ensure your vehicle is repaired to the highest quality finish. You may find yourself under pressure from your insurance company to use an Insurance Approved Bodyshop of their choice. However, Insurance Approved Bodyshops may not use Genuine Jaguar Parts and Approved Jaguar repair techniques, which is why you should insist that your Jaguar is repaired only by a Jaguar Approved Bodyshop.

Jaguar Approved Bodyshops can be trusted to repair your vehicle to its original Euro NCAP safety ratings by working to Jaguar Approved standards, using only Genuine Parts and Materials. Furthermore, our highly trained Jaguar Technicians only use the latest repair techniques including specialist alignment jigs, welding equipment and paint ovens designed to operate within Jaguar strict tolerances.


Available exclusively to Guy Salmon customers, Sytnerdrive, our accident management service, gives you peace of mind when you need it most.

At Sytner we pride ourselves on not only supplying you with the perfect car but also providing great aftersales service and care. As part of this commitment, our complimentary Sytnerdrive Accident Aftercare service is available for all our valued customers. If you lose the use of your car as the result of an accident that was not your fault, you can rely on Sytnerdrive to get you straight back into the driving seat.

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