The Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe

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The F-TYPE Coupé doesn't compromise space with style. The luggage capacity of the F-TYPE Coupé is 407 litres which is a full set of luggage or two sets of golf clubs. Optional powered tailgate means that it can be opened and closed in at the touch of a button.

F-TYPE Coupé has three roof options:

Aluminium – strong, lightweight and is the most refined sports car style

Panoramic Glass Roof – providing natural light into the cabin with a sliding black out blind if you want some seclusion.

Carbon Fibre Roof – 20% lighter than the aluminium roof, this is a strong yet light option.

Exterior Features


The lightweight aluminium construction is fundamental to the way the F-TYPE performs. The stable platform helps provide the agile handling and improves torque-to-weight ratios – this is what makes F-TYPE a real sports car.

Features such as the rear spoiler decreases lift by 120kg enhancing the aerodynamic exterior modelling. The exterior door handle retraction also enhances the streamline shape of F-TYPE.

F-TYPE's distinctive headlamps front and rear create a dominant feature on the road. At the front, feline style Bi-function HID Xenon set a clear night-time signature and the rear LED lights compliment the slim elegant shape.

Interior Features

F-TYPE is designed to make the space in the cockpit ergonomical and functional whilst keeping a refined sporting style.

The F-TYPE design of is focused around the driver. The instrument display with two larger analogue clocks makes for a clear and easy read, ideal in a sports car. The steering wheel allows control at your fingertips, with paddle gears, telephone connectivity.

Personalisation and individual expression encompasses F-TYPE. The variety of interior options including colours, textures, leather and cloth means you can make your F-TYPE even bolder. F-TYPE has Jaguar British characteristics but with options it can be made to suit you. The F-TYPE R provides the iconic 'R' on the exterior and interior trims.



F-TYPE has exceptional sports car driving capability but also has state-of-the-art technology built in to enable F-TYPE to connect, inform and entertain like you would expect from a Jaguar.

Jaguar InControl is so that your F-TYPE is connected to you. This cutting edge technology means that you can connect and engage your F-TYPE even when you're not driving.

InControl Remote – through your smartphone you have the ability to check fuel levels, heat, cool, lock and unlock your car.

InControl Secure – when your vehicle is moved without your permission you receive an alert, it also has the capability to track movements in the vehicle.

InControl Apps – linking your smartphone with the touchscreen you have capability to connect selected Apps. You can also make use of your contacts, maps and calendar information direct from your phone.

A rear facing camera provides a reverse park camera with touch screen information. The colour distance guides help to angle and indicate where the car will reverse to if that position is maintained.

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Jaguar F-TYPE Service Plan

Forget about servicing costs for up to 5 years. Just savour the drive from £995.

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Jaguar Finance

As a private motorist you have many options when it comes to paying for or leasing your car.

  • Personal Contract Purchase is the most popular method, as it allows you to upgrade typically every two to four years and avoid depreciation costs.
  • Hire Purchase is the straightforward approach, and one that enables you to take full ownership after all payments have been met.
  • Personal Contract Hire differs by giving you access to the latest models without committing to ownership. When the contract ends, simply hand back the keys.

One of our accredited Business Managers will be on hand to discuss all options with you when you book your Jaguar test drive.

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