Jaguar XJ

Crafted to perfection - The XJ is pure luxury.

Built for drivers and passengers. the XJ cabin offers huge amounts of space leaving room for stretching and relaxing but offers a superb drive that you would expect from a Jaguar.

The XJ is crafted to perfection, every detail every line has been contoured to serve a purpose. The XJ is pure luxury. It is not only designed with luxury in mind, but the XJ is finished to an exceptionally high standard offering a wide range of veneer and leather finishes to compliment the cabin design.

Jaguar XJ is not only designed for luxury but is designed as a powerful Jaguar which provides an exhilarating and agile dynamic driving performance. With the JaguarDrive Selector and JagaurDrive Control you experience enhanced driving control meaning you always get the best performance from your XJ. The Adaptive Dynamics of the vehicle mean that the suspension is controlled to the highest capability giving the smoothest comfort and ride.


​Power and capability at your fingertips.

The Jaguar XJ is driven by a choice of exceptional engines built to satisfy different driving requirements but always ensuring outstanding performance. All XJ models feature an 8-speed transmission for whisper smooth gear changes, delivering a more responsive ride and fuel economy benefits.


Intelligent technology, connecting you to the outside world.

Jaguar XJ’s 8-speed Automatic Transmission is controlled by the Jaguar Drive Selector, which rises into your hand once the “Start” button is pressed. Jaguar Drive Control offers two driving modes – Dynamic Mode provides more responsive acceleration and Winter Mode delivers more progressive control in slippery conditions.

The Jaguar XJ Adaptive Dynamics System continually monitors the car up to 500 times a second, varying the damping to suit the conditions. These continual adjustments help keep XJ flat and stable, improving control without loss of ride comfort. 


Drive with confidence, Jaguar XJ has safety at it's core.

XJ’s all-aluminium body architecture is strong, extremely rigid and very light. Riveted, and without a single welded joint, the 100 percent aluminium monocoque chassis and body structure makes this the lightest car in its class. 

The excellent power-to-weight ratio improves all aspects of performance and the monocoque construction offers increased rigidity for improved handling as well as excellent safety benefits.['jquery'], function ($) { var jQuery = $; });