The Jaguar I-PACE Concept is one of the most visually arresting concepts ever produced by Jaguar.​ 

The Jaguar I-PACE Concept is the rst step towards our future. The future is now.

For over 80 years, Jaguar has been globally renowned as a maker of beautiful sports cars. Cars that have always been relevant, at the cutting-edge of technology and exciting to the senses.

The I-PACE Concept is the smartest five-seater sports car and the start of a new era for Jaguar. It’s as daringly designed and innovative as the cars that put Jaguar on the map, with technology that enhances our customers’ lives. It sets a template for others to follow, just as we have always done.

Transportation will change more in the next decade than it has in the past 50 years and we’re prepared for that change. Just as Jaguar always has, we’re ready to give our customers the technology they want and need, when they want it. More than that, we’re making it smarter, cleaner and more efficient.

The Jaguar I-PACE Concept previews a production car that will hit roads in 2018. It will be the smartest five-seater sports car; a performance car, a family car and an SUV all in one. Its groundbreaking design, true Jaguar performance and competitive range and charging times will make it the first real electric alternative to a traditional premium SUV.

Jaguar’s design and engineering teams have taken full advantage of the opportunities presented by electrification: a cab-forward, sporting driving position, exceptional interior space and, of course, zero tailpipe emissions and instant acceleration. The battery pack and motors have been designed and engineered by Jaguar Land Rover to deliver outstanding efficiency.

With over 500km range on the NEDC cycle, the average user could charge just once a week. Charging is easy and quick, with 80 percent charge achieved in 90 minutes and 100 per cent in just over two hours using 50kW DC charging.

The interior features premium materials and beautiful, tactile details that highlight British craftsmanship at its best. There is digital craftsmanship too, with two, super-intuitive touchscreens that serve up information where and when the driver needs it. Packed with proven Jaguar sports car technology, the I-PACE Concept features exceptional ride quality, authentic handling and a 0-60mph time of around four seconds.

The I-PACE Concept’s striking and sophisticated interior redefines elegance and craftsmanship for the digital age, seamlessly blending technology, practicality and beautiful design.

“The cab-forward design and electric powertrain were fundamental to the way that we created the interior,” says Alister Whelan, Creative Director, Jaguar Interiors. “They have allowed us to create a spacious and comfortable cabin environment with numerous opportunities for innovative storage and passenger space.”

Inspired by the F-TYPE sports car, the interior is driver-focused, mixing Jaguar’s legendary sportiness with the I-PACE Concept’s purposeful stance. The driving position is much lower than a traditional SUV and this is accentuated by the dramatic, cantilevered centre console and slimline perforated seats.

Clean and uncluttered, the design combines handcrafted, high quality materials with a light colour palette. The Jaguar design team have also chosen to layer authentic materials for a unique look: dark, unvarnished walnut veneers sit flush with metal inserts to create seamless, textural contrasts.

Tactile features and finishes are as beautiful as they are intuitive. A perfect example of this is a new ‘flightdeck’ approach to the cockpit, featuring three screens - two touchscreens in the centre console and a virtual instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. Combine these with the gearshift buttons integrated into the floating metal legs, and it’s easy to see how the I-PACE Concept takes digital technology and usability to a whole new level.

To complete the interior, there’s a full- length panoramic glass roof, which floods the interior with natural light. In the daytime, the lozenge-patterned ceramic print matches the interior surface finishes, all to create a stunning visual effect that gives the I-PACE Concept its own distinct character.

Throughout the process of creating Jaguar’s first purpose-built electric vehicle, the engineering team worked to a simple, single-minded mantra: the I-PACE Concept had to be a true driver’s car.

To reach this goal, the I-PACE Concept features two incredibly compact electric motors designed by Jaguar Land Rover. Integrated into the front and rear axles, they offer a combined power output of 400PS and 700Nm of torque, which is exactly the same torque rating as the F-TYPE SVR. Together they also enable all-wheel drive, improving dynamics and traction on all surfaces and in all weathers. “Electric motors provide immediate response with no lag, no gearshifts and no interruptions,” says Ian Hoban, Vehicle Line Director at Jaguar Land Rover.

“Their superior torque delivery compared to internal combustion engines transforms the driving experience. With 700Nm and the traction benefits of all-wheel drive, the I-PACE Concept accelerates from 0-60mph in around four seconds.”

The I-PACE Concept delivers searing performance, unrivalled ride and handling characteristics. To achieve this, it uses the sophisticated double wishbone and Integral Link suspension setup proven in the XE, XF and the F-PACE.

It will stop just as efficiently, too: an electric brake booster replaces the normal vacuum servo, ensuring maximum flexibility in the brake system control and maintaining excellent pedal feel.

The I-PACE Concept’s electric motors andLithium-Ion battery are designed to deliver the best possible performance and range. The I-PACE Concept delivers a range of more than 500 kilometres on the NEDC cycle and, using 50kW DC charging, achieves zero-to-full charging capability in just over two hours; 80 per cent charge capacity is reached in just 90 minutes.

With this kind of range and efficiency, there’s no doubt the I-PACE Concept is an electric vehicle that will perform in the real world and compete with vehicles powered by the best internal combustion engines.