Be Ready For Anything This Winter

It’s a lot easier to be spontaneous when you are equipped for anything. Go further, go wilder, for longer with the help of your highly capable Jaguar and some carefully chosen Jaguar genuine accessories.

Get Your Jaguar Winter Ready

With just a few bespoke touches you can personalise your vehicle to meet your own unique needs and make the most of what you’re doing. For the outdoor adventurer hitting the slopes or tackling country trails, you’ll find a wide range of clever accessories allowing you to take the adverse road conditions all in your stride, from Rear Mounted Ski Carriers, Ski/Snowboard Holders to Snow Traction Systems. Or for those who like to keep their car from everything the world has to throw at it, you'll find All-Weather Car Covers, Loadspace Liners and Rubber Mats to keep your Jaguar protected this winter. You will also find that all our accessories have been extreme tested for durability, come with a 24-month warranty and are available with 0% Finance. 

Winter Vehicle Health Check Offer

  • Electronic Vehicle Health Check

  • Fluid top-up up to ½ a litre for Screen wash, Anti-Freeze, Engine Oil, Brake Fluid, Clutch Fluid, Power steering fluid

  • Wash and Vac

  • InControl renewal check

  • Software and recall update check

  • JLR mandated updates only


Interior Protection Pack for £249

Protect your Jaguar with our interior protection packs complete with a branded loadspace rubber mat, with bumper protector and deep-sided rubber floor mats.

Jaguar Interior Pack Protection

0% Finance* on all Accessories

Get your Jaguar ready for the winter months!

Personalise your Jaguar with a wide range of season specific accessories specially designed for your vehicle, including:

  • Snow Chains

  • Snow Traction System

  • Central Armrest Warmer

  • Rear Mounted Ski Carrier

  • All-Weather Car Cover

Wheel Geometry Check

At Sytner Jaguar we recommended you have your vehicle wheels aligned every 10,000 miles, or at least once a year. Ensuring your wheels are aligned provides many benefits to your driving experience, such as the below:

  • Decreases tyre resistance and increases fuel economy

  • Reduced tyre wear and friction can add thousands of extra miles to your tyre life

  • Increases handling and grip by eliminating drifts to the left/right.

All these improvements result in a safer drive and a much more comfortable experience.

Before your Geometry Check takes place we will also check: Tyre Pressures and Condition, Tyre Sizes, Wheel Damage, For Suspension Damage, For Worn Suspension Joints and Equipment Calibration.

AdBlue Top Ups

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) also known as AdBlue™, is a non-toxic, colourless, odourless and non-flammable fluid. Stored in a dedicated tank in your car, it is injected into the exhaust system to clean exhaust gases.

It is important that your Jaguar’s supply of DEF is maintained, as EU legislation means that you cannot start the engine without it. Your car’s message centre will give you advance warning when your DEF level is low and will alert you in plenty of time to book a refill.

We are now offering an AdBlue™ refill for £39.99 RRP.

Jaguar Approved Winter Tyres

For maximum grip and minimum wear over challenging winter surfaces, Jaguar winter tyres are specially designed for the high performance requirements of your Jaguar. They are manufactured from materials suitable for use below 7°C, and feature 1,500 sipes (grooves) to repel snow, water, ice and slush. Compared to standard tyres, stopping distance can be reduced by up to 59%. For more information, or to purchase Jaguar approved winter tyres, contact our customer service team today.

Winter Tyres