​Automobili Lamborghini is celebrating the Miura's 50th Anniversary​


Celebrations of the Miura's 50th Anniversary

The exhibit entitled, “Velocità e Colore. Alfonso Borghi interpreta Automobili Lamborghini” (Speed and Color. Alfonso Borghi Interprets Automobili Lamborghini) is part of a series of events and initiatives associated with festivities that are honoring the Miura's 50th Anniversary.

The celebrations began with an unveiling in March of the original Miura SV in a competition at Amelia Island (USA). It was the same car that was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971, and it underwent a restoration by PoloStorico Lamborghini that took more than a year to complete.

And the festivities are continuing this week. From April 6 to 10, at the Techno Classica international exhibition for classic cars, the Lamborghini stand will display two brand-new restoration projects being handled by PoloStorico Lamborghini: the restored, original Miura SV that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971, a Miura chassis that shows its restoration in progress, and a completely restored Miura engine.

The celebrations will then conclude with a grand tour for Miura purchasers from around the world, who will meet in Italy from June 8 to June 12. On June 8, the Miura group will leave Bologna, travel to Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, and then head to Dallara Automobili in Varano de’ Melegari (near Parma) to greet Gian Paolo Dallara, who was responsible for designing the Miura in 1965. The trip of more than 500 kilometers will take four days and extend through the Emilia, Liguria and Tuscany regions of Italy, and finish up in Florence.

To find out more about the grand tour, please contact your local Sytner Dealership.