Article By Lamborghini Birmingham On The Italian Tour

Italian Tour 2017 ​

The Lamborghini Italian Tour 2017 started in Verona with 30 Lamborghinis. Verona, the so called City of Love thanks to the Romeo and Juliet tragedy.

Guests stayed at the one-of-a-kind Byblos Art Hotel. Famous for its unique contemporary art collection hosted in a classic Italian villa.

Nestled among the Alps, the Garda lake has inspired Italian artists for centuries. The area surrounding the lake is made up of charming old villages and luxurious villas which provide for a spectacular setting. But most importantly, the area is characterized by winding roads and long tunnels!

The tour left in the morning to circumnavigate the lake before returning to Verona. Dinner was hosted in a private villa, just next to the Romeo and Juliet balcony.

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Dolomites are a paradise for holiday goers during each season.

​The tour left Verona heading north toward the city of Trento.

After lunch and a quick stop on the way back, guests enjoyed dinner in the private residence of the Masi family, perhaps the most famous family producer of the Amarone wine.

After waving goodbye to the city of love, the tour headed   towards the gentle hills of the Val policella.

T he area, renowned since the romans for its wine, is characterized by unique landscape thanks to its numerous vineyards.

The last day of the tour guests checked out from the hotel, and depart towards the hills to end its journey with a celebratory lunch.