Lamborghini Winter Accademia

The Lamborghini Accademiais living up to its reputation of creating extraordinary driving experiences with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ignore all kinds of conventional driving and experience an adventure you will never forget.

A group of Lamborghini owners traveled to Livigno in February to experience the thrill of driving on ice and with temperatures below -10 degrees

The program allowed them to experience the supremacy of the AventadorCoupéand Roadster, as well as of the HuracánCoupéover slippery surfaces. They were also amongst the first to drive the Aventador S.

Under the Lamborghini Winter Accademiainstructors’ guidance, they handled extreme winter-driving conditions, and received exclusive tips and assistance, to maximize their driving skills beyond their imagination. Being organized in small groups, they got the chance to try a variety of thrilling exercises such as emergency braking, drifting and full lap driving on the snow with our inimitable cars.

Our 2017 ice-driving scheduleincludes more driving than ever. We named the program “Twelve hours of Livigno” because the course has been designed to include a complete all-day long program. Driving starts early in the morning and continues throughout the entire day. Our trackis equipped with a state of the art lighting system, allowing you to experience the amazing sensations on ice even at night, in ultra-safe conditions.

Book yourself for Lamborghini Winter Accademia 2018. For more information, please contact Chameli Chowdhury on 0121 306 4007.