Land Rover PHEV

Performance, capability and efficiencies are taken to new heights with PHEV.

Dynamic design and an agile, confident drive are complemented by a boost in performance and lower emissions from our most innovative engine to date. The PHEV models bring the benefits of electrification to the legendary capabilities of Range Rover & Range Rover Sport

PHEV combines a conventional engine with an electric motor and a battery. A Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is charged from an external power supply and, using regenerative braking, seamlessly selects and blends the engine and electric motor to deliver optimum performance and efficiency.

How It All Works

Breathtaking on road performance.

PHEV combines the Land Rover lightweight Ingenium engine and 105kW electric motor together with a large 13 kWh capacity battery which is charged via an external power source. In EV mode, this delivers up to 26‡ miles from a full charge with zero CO₂ tailpipe emissions.

PHEV delivers an output of 404hp, and CO2 emissions from 71g/km‡, using the combination of an advanced 2.0 litre 300hp Si4 Ingenium petrol engine and a high capacity 105kW electric motor. When it comes to capability and performance, PHEV is precise and uncompromising and is fully capable of handling off-road situations such as wading* and rock crawl.


What's Your Ideal Charging Solution?

Our PHEV range can fully charge from either a domestic socket or an IEC connector*. It is ideally suited to charge overnight, fully recharging in as little as 7.5 hours, enabling emissions free commuting for up to 30 miles. Installing and using a wall box can reduce charging times to 2.75 hours*.

Whether it is Home Charging, which comes as standard, a Multi-Function Charging Cable (Accessory) or a Public Charging Cable (Accessory), our PHEV models have the charging solution to meet your needs. Get in touch to find your way to go green.

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