Guy Salmon Coventry Supports Local Food Bank

Coventry Food Bank fed 18,500 people in Coventry last year with the number expected to increase in 2015.

The Food Bank has become something that a lot of people depend on during an emergency. Most of the food is donated by the public and many people that now support the Food Bank are those that have had to use it and know how much it helps.

On Saturday 26th September at Asda Walsgrave there was a huge collection lead by a local up and coming actor Reece Dry. Celebrity friends came to Coventry to try and support the cause including Big Joe Egan, Pete Bennett and many more.

Guy Salmon supported the event by bringing the celebrities to the event as well as supplying food donations. Sales Retention Executive Seannie Bromell gave up her free time to support the event which benefits the whole community.

We look forward to developing our relationship with Coventry Food Bank even further.

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