Independent Emissions Testing Reveals Jaguar Land Rover Diesels are Among the Best in Europe

Jaguar Land Rover is the first car maker to put its cars to the test with the AIR Index – and the new independent on-road emissions testing procedure has found that Jaguar Land Rover diesel models have some of the lowest NOx emissions of any car on sale today.

The Models

The models independently tested for the AIR Index were 180hp 2.0-litre diesel Ingenium 4WD versions of the Jaguar E-PACE, Land Rover Discovery Sport and outgoing Range Rover Evoque. The AIR Index has previously rated the Land Rover Discovery 3.0TD6. All four achieved an ‘A’ rating – the top rating possible – signifying that each of them emits between 0-80mg/km of nitrogen oxides, or NOx.

As well as its strong performance in the AIR Index, Jaguar Land Rover is one of the first manufacturers to release RDE2-compliant models, in line with the latest government emissions legislation. Certain models in the XE and XF recently became the first cars in their class to be officially pass the RDE2 NOx emissions regulations, nearly two years ahead of the legislative deadline.

We have been vocal about the benefits of diesel technology in recent years and I am delighted to see simple, clear and accurate consumer information about urban vehicle emissions published and available with the AIR Index.

For those drivers doing more than 12,000 miles a year, a modern diesel engine could be the best choice; not only are its NOx (and particulate emissions) comparable to a petrol engine, but economy is 25% better and CO2 is 15% lower.

The modern diesel engine certainly has a place in the current automotive landscape, and I’m confident that the AIR Index will provide the trusted, independent information essential to inform car buyers as they consider their next vehicle.

Rawdon Glover

Jaguar Land Rover UK Managing Director

AIR Index

Cars rated for the AIR Index are tested ensuring that the results are independent and can be used as the basis for a legal framework for vehicle policies.

The testing is carried out on at least two cars, sourced independently from vehicle manufacturers with portable emissions testing units (PEMS) recording actual on-road driving in towns and cities.The results of the tests provide the basis to rate the vehicle according to the A-E, colour-coded scale.

The AIR Index website includes results of the first tests conducted with ratings A-E, but also provides a facility to check other vehicles on the road to see if they would be allowed access (or not) to the 14 German cities which have set a NOx limit of 270 mg/km under the Federal Emissions Control Act. Other cities across Europe are considering a similar threshold to control access and allow only the cleanest cars to enter. Car buyers should consider carefully the implication for a vehicle’s residual value, and their own mobility requirements, if it is unable to enter a town or city where emissions are controlled.

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