Guy Salmon Land Rover Sheffield proud to support Neurocare

Neurocare is a Sheffield charity who raises funds for Neuroscience and Neurology for NHS hospitals in Sheffield, including Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Northern General Hospital and the Children’s Hospital. This ensures that they remain as centres of excellence in this field.

Over the past four years, Neurocare has raised more than a million pounds to purchase life-saving equipment to conduct ground-breaking research to save and improve thousands of patients living in our community, with a range of debilitating neurological conditions, including brain tumours, strokes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neurone Disease and epilepsy.

Neurocare also added that "Working with local companies is so important to us, we want to create lastly relationships that are mutually beneficial. In 2016 we have started working with Guy Salmon and their team of fantastic employees. This Neurocare November we have had the privilege to drive around in a co-branded Discovery sport showcasing Neurocare and Guy Salmons relationship. This has been a fantastic experience, allowing us to raise awareness for our charity and also work with a branded new business who have been brilliant to work with."

To make your donation visit the Neurocare website.