Exclusive Chromoflair Spectral Blue Paint now available at Land Rover Wakefield

Within the Range Rover Autobiography range, there is also an extended Autobiography colour palette which includes additional options, such as premium metallics and chromaflair paints. Guy Salmon Land Rover Wakefield now have the Spectral Blue (ChromaFlair) Autobiography in stock!

The use of one of SVO's (Special Vehicle Operations) premium paints and specialist finishes can greatly enhance the individuality and appearance of your Land Rover. The Spectral Blue paint can augment the look of your Land Rover even further. This paint contains ChromaFlair, giving the colour a dramatic colour shift from a deep purple through to blue onto turquoise and dark green.

The effect of this colour changes depending on the reflection and refraction of light from the painted vehicle's surface. As you walk around the vehicle, the reflected light causes a shift in the colour you perceive.

Finishes including ChromaFlair add greatly to realising your personal tastes. The pigments in this finish exhibit a wide range of hue, giving the vibrant colours a dramatic colour shift when viewed at different angles and in different intensities of light.

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