VED changes from 1st April 2017
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In 2015 the Government announced that the way in which they charge Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) – also known as Road Tax, Car Tax, Road Fund License (RFL), the Tax Disc, Car duty – would change from 1st April 2017.

  • It will NOT apply retrospectively to vehicles registered before that date
  • It will NOT apply to other vehicle types, e.g. Commercial Vehicles, Motorbikes, HGVs.


  • From April 2017, the First Year Licence rate of VED will continue to be related to the CO2 emissions of the vehicle – but the bands will change and rates due will increase.
  • In the second and subsequent years the ‘Standard’ rate of VED will no longer be related to CO2 but will be related to the list price of the vehicle
  • For vehicles with ‘List Price’ of £40,000.00 or less, the rate will be £140
  • For vehicles with ‘List Price’ over £40,000.00, an ‘additional rate’ of £310 (a total of £450) will be due for 5 years from end of the First Year Licence
  • After the additional rate expires the £450 will revert to £140, or whatever the prevailing rate is at the time.

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  • A Land Rover Discovery Sport TD4 180HP HSE has an OTR price of £38,065 and a DVLA List Price of £37,810 so it falls below the £40,000 threshold for the additional rate of VED. However, if you add Premium Metallic Paint (£1,245) and a deployable towbar (£985) to that vehicle it pushes the DVLA List Price to £40,040 – over £40,000. The vehicle would be liable for the additional £450 Standard Rate of VED in future years.
  • If instead of choosing the Premium Metallic Paint at £1,245, standard Metallic Paint at £625 was ordered, then the DVLA List Price would be £39,420 – which is BELOW the £40,000 threshold and the vehicle would NOT be liable for the additional standard rate of VED in future years. This could save the owner up to £1,550 (£310 for five years) of VED charges in the future.’

Whether the DVLA List Price of a particular vehicle falls above or below the £40,000 threshold will be determined by DVLA List Price of the standard vehicle and the options then fitted to it.


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