Business Contract Purchase our Lexus dealership

If you want your staff to make a great first impression in the latest Lexus models, a Business Contract Purchase plan makes sense for your company, as you can upgrade every couple of years. On top of this attractive benefit you also have the peace of mind and financial security that a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value provides.

How it works

• We first need to approve your firm for finance by completing a business credit check.
• Once accepted, with the help of our advisers you decide which models are right for your business needs.
• The repayment period and deposit amount is agreed, and an annual mileage limit is set.
• A Guaranteed Minimum Future Value – the optional final payment – is calculated.
• When the term comes to an end you have the option to part exchange your cars and upgrade, pay the optional final payment and take full ownership, or return the vehicles and pay nothing more.

The benefits to your business

• The interest paid is tax-deductible.
• As vehicles are an asset on the balance sheet, a portion of their value can be written down against your business profits.
• The optional final payment lowers the initial outlay and monthly payment amount, boosting cash flow.
• There's the flexibility to decide what happens to your cars when the contract ends.

With various tax benefits and fixed costs, our Business Contract Purchase agreements appeal to a variety of firms, and the Lexus model line-up is also well suited to corporate use. Hybrid engines and energy-saving technology means low running costs for the vehicles' lifetime, and with a sophisticated design, each helps your business present a professional image.

To discuss this plan and the cars on offer with a financial expert, please get in touch with one of our Lexus dealership in Leicester directly today.