Business Hire Purchase from our Lexus dealership

A business Hire Purchase agreement makes sense if you want straightforward terms and a plan that is quick to set up, giving your workforce access to dependable cars faster. Once the plan ends you take full ownership of a valuable asset, and can upgrade after every four years to the latest Lexus models.

How it works

• A credit check of your business is performed to decide eligibility.
• Once approved, you select the Lexus that best meets your business needs.
• You then decide a repayment period between 12 and 60 months.
• The deposit and repayment amount that meets your budget is agreed.
• Once the plan ends and all payments have been met, you take full ownership of the vehicle.

The benefits to your business

• The interest paid is tax-deductible.
• You own a valuable asset at the end of the plan.
• You can write down a portion of this asset's value against business profits.
• With fixed monthly payments it's easier to budget and preserve a healthy cash flow.
• Less initial outlay is needed to enter into a plan.

Alongside the above benefits, the Lexus models themselves also deliver attractive advantages when buying or leasing them for business use. The manufacturer's latest hybrid technology sees its vehicles release low emissions and return high fuel economy, which means they qualify for an attractive BIK tax band. Reliability and occupant protection are two other strengths, so you can trust your fleet to keep your staff safely on the move.

Find out more about a business Hire Purchase plan and all available Lexus models by contacting the financial experts at our Lexus dealership in Leicester today.