Lexus Cosmetic Repairs

Stone-chips, dents and other cosmetic damage to your Lexus are inevitable once it's out on the road, and over time these minor imperfections can lower your car's visual appeal. Thankfully these faults are repairable, and at our Leicester dealership we're well equipped to take on the task.

Our manufacturer-approved service centres include dedicated cosmetic repair areas, where skilled technicians work to restore all of the manufacturer's models to their former stunning condition. Their abilities include Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) to repair small dents without the need to respray panels, chip and scuff repairs which retain your car's value, and refurbishment of the rims and fascia of your alloy wheels. SMART repairs are also performed, which is an advanced process by which panels can be repaired without the need to replace them completely, which can be costly. This also includes your Lexus' windscreen, where minor chips can be filled quickly without major cost.

In addition to this exterior maintenance we also care for interior trim. Premium materials and sophisticated techniques are used to repair damage so no evidence remains, and velour upholstery is refurbished to the same high standards through SMART repairs.

This varied selection of tasks helps to preserve the look and feel of your luxurious Lexus vehicle, yet doesn't demand a high price. What's more, our team will work efficiently to complete the required work and return your head-turning Lexus to the road as soon as they can.

Whether you purchased your model from a Sytner dealership or elsewhere, we'll welcome you to our sites for aftersales care. To find out more about cosmetic repairs and all other support services, please make an enquiry directly online, by phone, or in person.