Personal finance from Sytner Lexus

When shopping for your next Lexus for private use, you have a number of finance options to help fund it. Here at Sytner Lexus we offer plans that allow you to pay for your luxury vehicle in instalments before taking ownership outright, or lease it for as long as you need to be on the road.

With the flexibility to decide the terms of your agreement and what happens to your chosen model, a Sytner Lexus plan makes perfect sense, and choosing a dealership rather than obtaining a personal loan also allows you to save money. See below for an overview of the finance packages we offer to all our private customers.

Personal Contract Purchase

Personal Contract Purchase is one of the most popular plans available, as it allows you to upgrade every two to four years and decide what happens to your Lexus at the end of the term. Payments are fixed for the duration, and as a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value is agreed, you know exactly how much you'll receive from a part exchange deal. Click here to find out more about Personal Contract Purchase.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase plans are simple to understand and come with no hidden costs. They're a common option for motorists who want to own their car outright and upgrade after a couple of years. All you need to do is decide upon the length of the term, the deposit amount and the monthly repayment amount. Once every payment has been made, the vehicle is yours to keep. Click here to find out more about Hire Purchase.

Personal Contract Hire

If you want access to a new car but without the commitment of full ownership, Personal Contract Hire could be the right choice. The finance company remains the owner for the length of the agreement, and therefore deals with depreciation and reselling the car. Costs are fixed, and you can add a maintenance package to the plan to budget more effectively. Click here to find out more about Personal Contract Hire.

To enquire about a finance plan from Sytner Lexus and all of the vehicles available, please get in touch with your nearest dealership site directly.