Lexus Demonstrator pre-ordering Centre

Now is the time to plan ahead

Each of our three Lexus Centres run a quality Lexus Demonstrator Fleet. Effectively our Lexus Demonstrators are our "shop window" which we use to show both customers and the general public alike just how good the Lexus range looks and performs. As such, only the highest specification Lexus models find their way onto the Demonstrator fleet.

Once on the fleet, and as they are now our product showcase, we keep them immaculately maintained and presented and we give them all the care, love and attention that only an authorised Lexus Centre has at its disposal.

As it is important for our customers to feel like the Lexus they are test driving is a new car, the majority of our demonstrators are sold on a quarterly basis meaning they are on average 3 months old with just 5,000 miles on the clock.

The vehicles have been run for a variety of uses, some have been traditional demonstrators based from the Centre and used by customers taking a Lexus test drive experience. Others are Management vehicles driven exclusively by Sytner Group colleagues both at the Centre and within the wider Sytner Group.

A pampered existence with regular maintenance and valeting ensuring they always reflect the very best of the product.

Our demonstrator models sell fast

Over the years we have had repeated requests from clients to introduce a system where it's possible pre-order one of our current Demonstrators. We have now done this and you can now get advance notice of exactly what choice will be coming available and when. You'll even know the mileage of the demonstrator you are interested in and we can quote the price it will be sold at when it becomes available so you can see just how much you will save off Manufacturers List price

We are very pleased to be able to offer this facility across all of our Demonstrator range. Below you will find an exclusive contact email form, all you need to do is fill out and submit. One of our Centre team members will then be in touch with you giving you a list of options that best match your requirements. If you identify any particular vehicle we can offer and confirm for you a firm delivery date, mileage and saving. It’s as simple as that!

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