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Why does your Lexus Air conditioning system need servicing?

You don't just use your air conditioning system in Summer. You can lose up to 10 per cent of the gas every year from your air conditioning system. If you don't replace it the system will be less able operate correctly. If it's not serviced the system continues to lose gas and loses efficiency. Fuel consumption increases and eventually the system fails and will need replacement parts.

Contact us today and we'll drain and recharge the system and check all hoses, filters, belts and connections. We'll also ensure that the compressor and condenser both function properly. We'll deodorise the system, check the pollen filter and give you a free written report once the service is completed.

All for just £79 including VAT. Summer or Winter - it doesn't cost the earth to keep your car in peak condition at one of our Lexus dealerships.

Terms & Conditions:
*For certain models only, excluding vehicles with 1234YF air conditioning gas.