Maserati Business and Fleet Users

The Maserati model range is becoming increasingly popular for business users. With the introduction of the Ghibli, Maserati produced their first ever diesel engine derivative, which delivers fuel consumption of 47.9 mpg. Everyday driving has never been more rewarding – even from the most demanding of customers.

There are many ways to finance a business car purchase with Maserati, take a look at the overview below of each option, and to discuss your business car purchase further, please contact one of the sales specialists at your local Sytner Maserati dealership.

Contract Purchase

This option is ideal for the business user who wishes to change their car between 24 and 48 months and wants the security of a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value.

Hire Purchase

The most straightforward method of purchase. Ideal for a customer who desires outright ownership of their car and likely changes their car at intervals of over 48 months.

Contract Hire

The finance company reclaims the VAT on the car you drive and this saving is passed on to you with reduced rentals. There are also other tax efficiencies available.