Maserati GranCabrio.

For those who crave the thrilling road ahead and the boundless sky above. Maserati GranCabrio: enjoy a whole new perspective.

The GranCabrio is the first four-seater cabriolet to have been designed and built at the company's Modena HQ and is the only open-top car in its category able to comfortably accommodate four adults in an elegant and luxurious cabin. The GranCabrio transforms from a splendid coupé into a breathtaking cabriolet: press a button with the car travelling under 30km/h and the roof – cloth, as per Maserati tradition – smoothly slides away. With the top down, the GranCabrio is free to show off its lean, muscular profile, the work of master coachbuilder Pininfarina.

The potential GranCabrio owner has a choice of two trim levels: Sport and MC.

The stunning overall profile of the GranCabrio Sport carries the unmistakable signature of Pininfarina – lines that have graced Maserati vehicles for generations. The GranCabrio MC is the hardest-hitting Maserati convertible, enriched with seductive Italian elegance and luxurious comfort.

A new class of convertible.

Experience an exhilarating drive with the soft top up or down in a luxury convertible that’s sophisticated in style as well as technology.

The GranCabrio marks a new chapter in the history of the convertible. The six-speed ZF automatic gearbox provides extremely smooth gearshifts and is perfectly matched to the awesome power of the V8 engine.

An array of high quality features come as standard, alongside bespoke soft-top fabric, wood finishes and sound system options.

Unique Elegance.

The sleek yet imposing front end sports a wealth of newly-designed features. From the front bumper and splitter, to the prominent new grille bearing the iconic Maserati Trident.

With the roof up, the impression is of athletic fluidity, a look enhanced by rounded rear wings and a new bumper design to match the purposeful front. The rear features a high, centrally positioned exhaust and a new dynamic bumper, designed to enhance the airflow at the rear of the car.

Refined interior.

The striking newly-designed dashboard immediately captures the eye, with its iconic V-shape as the focal point.

With the roof down, the interior merges beautifully with the lines of the bodywork.

A thermal glass rear screen, meanwhile, makes sure that the car remains a joy to drive whatever the weather. The wraparound sport seats of the GranCabrio echo the elegant lines of its exterior, while providing the extra hold needed for bold, confident driving.

A powerful soul.

The compact and lightweight 4.7-litre V8 is fitted on both the GranCabrio Sport and GranCabrio MC, develops 460hp, 520Nm or torque and revs to an impressive 7,500rpm.

Top speeds are 179mph (288 km/h) for the GranCabrio Sport and 181mph (291 km/h) for the GranCabrio MC.