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The Edge is Calling

The introduction of the new McLaren 600LT marks both the beginning of the next chapter in the ‘Longtail’ story and the setting of a new benchmark for super-sportscar performance. Built to excel in equal measure on track and road, the 600LT is the fastest, most powerful and most track-focused – yet road legal – McLaren Sports Series yet created.

The McLaren 600LT has a full suite of ‘Longtail’ characteristics to ensure it delivers an even more engaging and accomplished driving experience than other Sport Series models. in the same way that the McLaren 675LT utilised wishbones and uprights derived from the first Ultimate Series, the McLaren P1™, the adoption of suspension components from the Super Series is key to the chassis set-up of the 600LT, which features both the front and rear double wishbones and suspension uprights from the 720S, along with the rear toe-links.

A true McLaren ‘Longtail’

“To stay true to its iconic race-bred predecessor, enhanced downforce and aerodynamics are at the heart of the McLaren 600LT. The ‘Longtail’ name gave us the freedom to push the envelope on the most extreme road-legal model in the Sports Series. We’ve been brave in creating the top-exit exhausts, but as well as their unique sound and visual appearance, this delivered tremendous opportunities to enhance aerodynamic performance because our aesthetic and technical designs are integrally linked.”

Rob Melville, Design Director, McLaren Automotive

The most powerful McLaren Sports Series ever

  • Powertrain modifications unleash responsive 600PS twin-turbocharged V8, the most powerful engine ever in a McLaren Sports Series.
  • Top-exit exhausts create a uniquely thrilling soundtrack, made all-the-more evocative when Ignition Cut – developed from the 675LT for a faster gear change – creates a dramatic aural ‘crack’ on upshifts and downshifts.
  • Stiffer engine and transmission mounts enhance direct connection between the driver and car.

The agility of a Sports Series

  • 10mm wider front track, 8mm lower ride height and forged aluminium double wishbones from the Super Series improve body control, enhancing low-speed agility and high-speed stability
  • Bespoke P Zero™ Trofeo R tyres – developed in conjunction with McLaren Technical Partner, Pirelli – improve grip levels and help to raise track cornering speeds to above those of a McLaren 675LT
  • Latest-generation lightweight calipers and carbon ceramic discs work with a McLaren Senna-inspired brake booster to deliver powerful braking performance