McLaren Manchester Unveils The 720S

For one night only McLaren Manchester took delivery of this phenomenal new  McLaren 720S. Guests enjoyed the opportunity to come to the showroom for an exclusive viewing of the car, getting up close and personal to discover what makes this new McLaren Super Series the most innovative supercar McLaren have ever produced. Thank you to Super Car Driver for joining us and taking for fantastic photos!

The McLaren 720S embodies our relentless quest to push the limits of possibility. To experience the 720S is to rediscover the true meaning of engagement between driver and car.

The Super Series model is ferociously fast. Power is generated from the new M840T engine, a 4.0-litre unit with twin scroll turbochargers for enhanced response and 16 injectors for precise fuel control. Every engine part was analysed and refined to maximise power, sharpen response, and increase fuel efficiency.

Countless sessions of testing and fine-tuning have resulted in a driving experience that rewards you with feedback through the steering, suspension, and brakes. It lets you truly feel what the car is doing and be totally immersed in the driving experience while you enjoy the ultimate balance of body control and ride comfort. No guesswork is involved – driving becomes intuitive.

At McLaren, we have a simple design philosophy: everything for a reason. This powerful simplicity has resulted in iconic car designs. A legacy into which the 720S now takes its place. 

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