McLaren 720S Named evo Car of the Year!

The second-generation Super Series beat ten other  strong contenders  to claim the overall title and left a huge impression on the evo’s judging panel, who had the below to say:

“You expect it to be staggeringly fast, but what really leaves an impression is just how accessible the performance is, and how easy it is to live with. The ride is good, you can see out of it and the driving position is as close to perfect as you’ll get. This is one very special car. That alone makes it a worthy supercar of the year: factor-in all its other qualities and it’s nothing less than a game-changer.”

“For me the 720S is about what it says about the company, how far it has come and, perhaps crucially, what is yet to follow. The 720S is the product of a manufacturer that hasn’t changed its focus on wanting to build the most exciting, thrilling and best performance cars it can despite any obstacles it has faced along the way. McLaren Automotive has defined itself as one of the greats, and in the 720S it has created the best of the best: evo’s Car of the Year.”