McLaren Fly High with NetJets at Anglesey Circuit.

McLaren Manchester and NetJets collaborated at Anglesey Circuit for a spectacular day of exhilarating supercars and a glimpse of the luxurious Phenom 300 private jet.

Accompanied by product experts, guests took to the track for a number of dynamic exercises overlooking the Irish Sea and Snowdonia Mountain Range. The day was full of action with guests enjoying various activities such as track driving, high-speed sprints and chicane challenges. Along with exploring the McLaren product range on the circuit, guests were invited to an exclusive tour around the Phenom 300 private jet, indulging in a day of extravagance with our high-powered cars and the lavish lightweight aircraft.

To make the day even more spectacular, we were privileged to be joined by the Sea-Kings and Fighter Hawk, with the Welsh setting still an active RAF base. The operating Officer's mess provided a private lunch, hosted by Squadron Leader Jonathan King who granted this unique access, along with an authentic experience of witnessing day-to-day life within RAF Valley.