McLaren Manchester Host Shmee150 Shmeeting

In the world of supercars, Tim Burton known as vlogger Shmee150, is a huge celebrity. He’s been called “the current undisputed car king of social media” and “an almost cult-like figure".

One of the biggest supercar vloggers on the internet, he has over two and a half million likes on Facebook, over a million followers on Instagram and expects to hit one million subscribers on Youtube within six to eight weeks.

The latest edition to his garage is a custom Cerulean Blue McLaren Senna. Collection and first driving of the new hypercar was well documented for his digital followers but also live for fans, hosting a 'Shmeeting' at McLaren Manchester on Saturday 5th January to share the experience and ask any questions about his new hypercar.

Shmee told the crowd:

"I wouldn’t say I went out wanting to buy a hypercar, but I wanted to buy a car that was above the range of supercars. When you think back to P1 times, I was almost saying that I’d be interested in the next McLaren Ultimate Series, not really knowing what that was going to be at the time," he continued. "As a bit of time went by – and we’re talking three years ago now, around the time the 675LT was getting such acclaim from the media – it looked like they were going to make a track-focused Ultimate Series car. I was in love with my 675LT so I said ‘put my name down’."

"I’ve had a big fondness for McLarens having been with them, having grown familiar with their driving styles," he said, referring to the 12C, 650S Spider, and 675LT Coupe that he previously owned. "With McLaren I felt very much that the arrival of the Senna, or as it was called when I ordered it ‘Codename P15’, was a car that would appeal to me because it would take what I love about the cars to literally the next step ahead."