McLaren Release images of new P1 GTR Prototype

It’s been three months since McLaren introduced us to the simply outrageous track version of the McLaren P1 – The McLaren P1 GTR. The product of an explosive recipe, the P1 GTR takes an already astonishing platform and transforms it into a completely new machine with added performance and a new look. McLaren have released new details into their exclusive P1 GTR driver program and have teased us with images of an un-camouflaged prototype.

Showing off the cars aggressive new design, this prototype is the first proper glimpse into the P1 GTR; demonstrating an uncompromising look that boasts aggressive lines and aerodynamic elements born from a racing pedigree.

All of the exterior modifications have been made to increase the aerodynamic efficiency and aid the car in becoming faster and increasing its handling characteristics. The large, now static, rear spoiler benefits from a Formula 1-derived Drag Reduction System (DRS) which is then complimented by new titanium alloy exhausts and various mechanical upgrades.

Underneath the outlandish new body, the revolutionary Instant Power Assist System (IPAS) powertrain, from the road going version, is still utilised but has been boosted from around 903bhp to over 980bhp.

In an effort to amplify this power even further, creating a superlight car was at the forefront of the engineers minds; as such a lighter body has been used, a minimalist interior installed and a, GT racing approved, roll cage has been built into the structure of the car.

The interior of this incredible vehicle is one of sheer minimalism and lacks in anything that isn't essential. With a design that focuses entirely on the driver, the racing car derived interior immerses the occupants in a sea of carbon fibre with little in the way of distraction; reminiscent of a Le Mans racer, there's nothing more than a wheel, track map guide and the usual gauges.

The steering wheel has found its inspiration from McLarens Formula One cars and its design is heavily suggestive of the wheel that we saw Hamilton use when he raced for the team. The wheel also houses the drivers function buttons for features such as DRS and IPAS, to name but two.

Buying a P1 GTR is an honour that only a select few loyal customers will be invited to do; on purchase all owners not only receive a phenomenal car but are also entered into the P1 GTR owner's programme. McLaren have worked to create a package that will help all of the drivers get the most out of both the car and themselves.

Before heading out onto track, each of the owners has access to the same McLaren simulators that the F1 team train on; this will allow them to get to know the performance of the car and learn the layout of the track.

After their time on the simulator, the drivers will be able to head out onto track with the help of McLaren's professional drivers and teachers; promoting further development and helping to take advantage of the cars unbounded potential.