The New McLaren 600LT Arrives at McLaren Manchester!

Brace yourself for that moment. When it’s just you. The car. Raw and uncompromised. A stretch of tarmac ahead. Calling you. Total focus. Pure adrenaline. This is the moment to push yourself. To the very edge of your ability.

This is the McLaren 600LT.

The McLaren 600LT marks the beginning of the next chapter in the McLaren ‘Longtail’ (LT) story and at the same time sets a new sportscar benchmark as the fastest, most powerful and most track-focused – yet road legal – Sports Series McLaren has created.

Inspired by the renowned McLaren 675LT and its iconic ‘Longtail’ racing predecessor, the McLaren 600LT is built to excel on roads and race circuits alike.

Only three McLarens in history have earned the Longtail status.

The first was a track evolution of our earliest road car – the 1997 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail. A machine that took first place in five of the GT Championship’s eleven races. And crossed the line at Le Mans with its purpose-built track rivals trailing 30 laps behind. It’s most distinctive, enduring feature was the extended rear… the long tail. It reduced drag. Boosted downforce. And gave rise to a legendary design and engineering ethos.

Fast forward eighteen years. A new Longtail is born. Inspired by the F1 GTR’s track heroics, the 675LT hit the road. It recalled the Longtail’s iconic profile and brought pared-back performance to modern McLaren road cars. It also drew acclaim from every driver who sat behind the wheel. And more than a few gasps from the people it passed by.

Power ahead to the present day and welcome a new member to the McLaren Longtail family. One that shares the same spirit as its predecessors. That pushes McLaren engineering and design to the maximum. And that strips away every obstacle to top performance.

The 600LT… a Longtail to uphold the legend.

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