Book a meeting room

Did you know that you can book a boardroom at our Sytner Mercedes-Benz dealerships?

Subject to availability, you can book one of our dealership boardrooms to host your own business meeting.

All sites boast state of the art facilities including projectors, conference phones, and complimentary Wi-Fi. All sites have plenty of parking and of course great coffee! We can even arrange for your car to be washed while you are with us!

You are welcome to use our facilities at Mercedes-Benz of Bristol; Mercedes-Benz of Cheltenham & Gloucester; Mercedes-Benz of Milton Keynes; Mercedes-Benz of Newcastle; Mercedes-Benz of Northampton; Mercedes-Benz of Swindon; and Mercedes-Benz of Teesside.

If you would like to book one of our boardrooms please could you fill out the enquiry form on the below link.

When making your board room booking enquiry, please could you put as much information as possible in the 'Enquiry Details' areas of our form.

This should include which location you would like; how many delegates you have; whether breakfast or lunch is required; and if any of your delegates have special dietary requirements.

Make an enquiry

Mercedes-Benz of Bristol 

(Maximum 14 delegates)

Mercedes-Benz of Cheltenham & Gloucester

(maximum 8 delegates)

Mercedes-Benz of Milton Keynes

(maximum 10 delegates)

Mercedes-Benz of Newcastle

(maximum 10 delegate)

Mercedes-Benz of Northampton

(maximum 10 delegates)

Mercedes-Benz of Swindon

(maximum 14 delegates)

Mercedes-Benz of Teesside

(Maximum 14 delegates)