EQ - Electric intelligence by Mercedes-Benz

From appealing design, extraordinary driving pleasure, high levels of everyday suitability and maximum safety. EQ represents "emotion and intelligence", two Mercedes-Benz brand values. It comprises all essential aspects related to customer-focused electric mobility and goes beyond the vehicle itself.

Which is why we are flicking the switch: thanks to the product and technology brand EQ, we are not just looking at vehicles, we are expanding our offering to include specific products, services and innovations which go far beyond just driving. The way in which we travel, how we use energy, how we intuitively interact with our vehicles – all of that will change.

Why switch?

Did you know that some 100% electric cars have the ability to drive 300 miles on a single charge - and that’s a figure that’s ever-increasing, and most electric car drivers charge their vehicles on their drive, garage or a nearby on-street residential charge point.

What’s more is that electric cars could cost up to a third less than a diesel or petrol car to run, as well as being cheaper to maintain. But most importantly, they are far better for the environment as they don’t even have an exhaust meaning that air quality is improved significantly. So with global warming being an ever-growing concern, electric cars are not only beneficial for you, but also for the greater good.

Which is why we’ve partnered with Go Ultra Low. They are a joint Government and car industry campaign, there to give you unbiased advice on making the switch to an electric vehicle.

Use Go Ultra Lows’s cost saving calculator and see how much you can save - visit calculator

Are you ready?

Are you considering an electric vehicle or just curious? The EQ Ready app can show you if an electric car could fit your lifestyle. Just download the app and drive as normal, we'll show you the rest.

With the app you track your daily routes and analyses your driving behaviour to show you how much of your journey can be driven in an electric vehicle. If needed, we'll show you where the nearest charging stations are, and how long you would need to charge your vehicle to reach your destination.

Or, if you would like to track a predicted trip just enter your start and end destination to view the journey. Would an electric vehicle suit your lifestyle? Take the test now!

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Types of Electric vehicles

Hybrid Assist (hybrid) - EQ Boost

Reduced fuel consumption; charges the battery with kenetic energy or through regenerative braking; short distances can be covered on electric power; extra boost for overtaking.

Plug-in Hybrid (PHEVs)- EQ Power & EQ Power+

All-electric operation possible; battery can be charged via power socket, regenerative braking or combustion engine; extremely low fuel consumption.

100% Electric (battery electric vehicle) - EQ

No driving emissions; maximum torque as soon as the wheels turn; Almost silent; wide range of charging options.