Bedford to Rome in historic road race

Mercedes-Benz of Bedford customer Steve Kent made the trip from Bedford to Italy to take part in the historic road race Mille Miglia 1000.

The Mille Miglia race takes place along the magical scenery of Italian territory, going from Brescia to Rome and then back again. Only 375 vehicles are accepted for participation in the Mille Miglia race, selected exclusively from the models that took part in at least one of the historical Mille Miglia races (from 1927 to 1957).

This year Steve Kent turned up for the race between 14th and 15th May in a new limited edition Mercedes-Benz SL Mille Miglia 417 supplied by Mercedes-Benz of Bedford. Steve said it was an incredible experience competing in the race:

'The 1000 Miglia race blew me away. An estimated 2 million people line the route to watch the event all keen for you to give it some gas. The police clear the traffic, close the roads and encourage you to go faster. The Mercedes event team looked after us brilliantly which is just as well because the event is exhausting, 4am starts and very late finishes with long periods of intense concentration during the day. The car did brilliantly even against some seriously expensive and exotic machines'.

This year, 2015 marks the 60th anniversary of the legendary race which saw the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL dominate the production car class, taking first, second and third place. Paying homage to this historic victory, Mercedes-Benz earlier this year released the new SL Mille Miglia 417 Edition, a car that carries the legacy of its predecessor.

Richard Woods, Head of Business said:

'What a fantastic experience to give one of our customers. The heritage of Mercedes-Benz motor racing lives on. The new SL Mille Miglia 417 Edition is a masterpiece in merging the contemporary with the classic, style with function and proves that 60 years on, Mercedes-Benz are still designing world-class production cars that stand the test of time.'