Mercedes-Benz is proud to be names top ten Green Manufacturer

The UK’s 20 best green fleet manufacturers have been named by BusinessCar magazine this week – and Mercedes-Benz is proud to be in the top 10.

In eighth place, Mercedes-Benz was recognised as one of the country’s leading green manufacturers with 68 per cent, ahead of both BMW and Audi. This is thanks to its new low-emission hybrid and plug-in models across the range – in particular, the hybrid C-, E- and S-Class models, plug-in hybrid S- and C-Class, and the all-electric B-Class.

“Premium brands can still offer low CO2”

“It’s proof that big premium brands can still offer low CO2,” says BusinessCar, adding that, “continued diesel development has given the brand a healthy decrease on 2013’s average fleet emissions.”

The magazine’s annual review reveals how eco-friendly each of the top 20 manufacturers are, by 2014 fleet registration figures, as well as assessing how quickly they’re moving in the right direction.

Categories analysed include each brand’s average fleet registration emissions figures, emission figures for their biggest-selling fleet model, each vehicle’s EU emissions target, and overall fleet efficiency in terms of BIK rates.

The magazine also looked at the all-round current and future green efforts of each manufacturer, and ranked them according to their complete range of offerings for those seeking the greenest solutions.