Mercedes-Benz of Newbury host work experience placement

As a part of our giving something back ethos, we have had a friendly and engaging A-level student join us for work experience, Hajra (left) from the Mary Hare School for deaf children.

Hajra is currently studying Business and wanted to gain an understanding of how a car dealership operates. Our Sales apprentice Jessica structured the placement giving her a taste of what the apprenticeship programme consists of. This allowed Hajra to gain an insight into the brand and experience both the sales and marketing side of the business.

At the end of the week Hajra and Jessica created a video in sign language advertising one of the cars in the showroom. This represented a clear demonstration of what Hajra had learnt and was something to show her fellow classmates and tutor.

We have enjoyed having Hajra here and hope she has benefitted from this placement.