Staff at Mercedes-Benz of Swindon helped local charity at Christmas time

The staff at Mercedes-Benz of Swindon and the Mercedes-Benz Business Development Centre have helped the homeless in Swindon this Christmas by donating food, clothing and raised money through our Christmas jumper day at work.

The HOMELESS Shelter Christmas Care provides some of the town’s most vulnerable people with somewhere warm to spend the festive season. Now in its 27th year, the shelter ran from Christmas Eve to December 28 at Queen’s Drive Methodist Church – supporting the homeless, lonely and people on low incomes.

Charity chairman Patsy Moloney said: “We’re open on the four most important days of the year. The people who come here – they are sons, daughters, they could be anybody you know because it doesn’t take much to find yourself homeless. “Some of the people who come here tell me it’s just a matter of maybe parents splitting up or being thrown out of the family home or even falling behind on rent. Any of those things could mean you end up on the streets. We ensure even the poorest and most vulnerable people have somewhere warm to sleep and something hot to eat and drink. People come from Bath, Bristol, all over to the shelter and they genuinely say that the way they are treated here and the way they are looked after is like coming to a five-star hotel for them.

“While they are here there is always a hot meal and a hot drink for them and they can have their pick of the bedding and clothing people generously donate. The Shelter is run by local volunteers to help the shelter run smoothly and take care of the visiting guests.

Mike Fellows Managing Director said “ We have supported this really worthwhile cause for three years now and everyone in the dealership contributes unwanted clothes and gives tins and packets of food. This year we had a Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for The Shelter and raised £153.33. Both our staff and customers thought it was great fun.”